Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

To the boat-people of the Homeland of Gun -sser O-e-ttinndscher!

You are sinking? That Stuuugaaard has a problem? And that you are lost in transrapid-lation? With the false friend of E. ("Ike") Stoiber and the puppet of the vendriloquist Guido Westerwave ee O-e-Tinndscher (Gunther Oettinger, EU-commissioner in chief stand by) . No problem!

The coast guard is coming!

And flipper is coming wiss.

By the way! Where Marianne Faithfull did know already before more than 20 years Gun-sser O-e-TTindjär, our future EU-comissener, formerly known as Ministerpräsident of Märrrrrcidies benss and porschiiiie?

And we face already the next problem ahead ("Brussels, we will have a problem..."): Broken body language. And misunderstandings. (nicht nur mit dem gemeinen Afghanen ...)
i.e.: thumb up

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